’s Tips on the Best Upgrades to Get on Your New Car

When purchasing a new vehicle, you have the option of buying the base model or spending a little more for some additional features. These add-ons are available at the dealership through upgrade packages, but some of these features can also be installed yourself or by a third party, often for a cheaper price. It is difficult to know which upgrades are the most worthwhile and which are just unnecessary expenses, so the experts at have suggested some the best add-on options to consider for your vehicle.

Backup Cameras

A backup camera is a feature that every driver can benefit from. Through a screen in the dashboard, this vehicle upgrade allows you to see what is directly behind you while reversing. Some backup cameras also include sensors that alert you when something or someone approaches the back of your car while you are reversing. The area behind a car is a bigger blind spot than some drivers realize, which often leads to injury or vehicle damage. As of 2018, new cars are required by law to have some sort of backup view. If you are purchasing a vehicle that does not already include this feature, the team at highly recommends making this upgrade.

Blind Spot Detection

With roads getting more congested every year, it is important to keep an eye out for other vehicles and motorcycles when changing lanes. This means checking your mirrors as well as your blind spots, but the team here at realizes that sometimes even that is not enough to prevent accidents. New cars are coming out now with added blind spot detection for extra protection while driving. Sensors and cameras will let you know if a car is approaching or is within one of your blind spots so you can make adjustments to avoid the other car before changing lanes.

Keyless Entry

Keyless entry seems like a feature limited to luxury cars, but in reality this upgrade brings convenience and added safety to almost any new car according to the experts at With keyless entry, your car uses wireless signals to detect when your key fob is nearby to unlock the door for you. This is helpful for moments when your hands are full or it’s late at night and you do not want to rummage around for your keys in the dark. Additionally, when your vehicle loses the signal from the key fob it automatically locks your doors. This eliminates the moments of panic when you try to remember if you locked the car before heading inside.

Gap Insurance

Gap insurance is not for everyone, but the experts here at would like to advise you that for drivers who owe more on their car loan than the car is worth, it provides some added peace of mind. If your car is totaled or stolen before the loan is paid off, the insurance company only pays for the value of the car, and you must pay the remainder of the loan. Gap insurance covers this remainder for you, after your deductible. While gap insurance is offered by the dealership when you purchase a car, the experts here at suggest going through your car insurance company for more affordable pricing.