Presents The 3 Items Most Commonly Stolen from Inside Cars blog: Presents The 3 Items Most Commonly Stolen from Inside Cars

It’s important to always roll up your windows and lock your doors when you leave your vehicle. Securing your vehicle when you leave it unattended can prevent theft. Although many burglars are scared off by a car alarm, some are bold enough to smash one of your windows if you leave valuables in your car. Leaving valuable items in plain sight on your dashboard or on one of your seats leaves you vulnerable to theft, and there are certain items you should avoid leaving in your car. The team at recommends that you keep these three items out of your car to avoid unwanted theft.

Cash, Credit Cards or Your Wallet

Money left in your car is an open window for thieves to break into your vehicle. Even spare change is best left in your pocket or your wallet. The experts at recommend never leaving any form of money in your vehicle, even if your doors are locked. Having your wallet stolen can stress you out. You will not only lose money or credit cards, but other forms of identification. You must replace your driver’s license if your wallet goes missing, which can be frustrating. Avoid taking a monetary loss by never leaving any money in your vehicle – cash or credit.

Expensive Electronics

Smartphones are an integral part of our society. You use your phone for everything, from communicating with family and friends to keeping track of your finances or work emails. Electronics can be expensive, making them a major target for thieves. Never leave your smartphone, your laptop, your iPod, or other expensive electronic device in your car. It is best to keep your electronics at home or with you – always. Your phone or laptop will be expensive to replace, so it’s better to deter thieves by never leaving these items in your car in the first place.

Personal Information

The glove compartment is a popular place to store things in your car. You may have your phone charger, your insurance cards and your car registration documents in there for safe keeping. Although the glove compartment may be a great place to keep your personal items, the experts at suggest never keeping any confidential information in your car. You need to keep your car insurance and registration on hand in the event of an accident or for if you are pulled over, but it is best to keep your car’s title in a safe at home. Don’t ever leave personal identification in the vehicle, such as your license, your Social Security Number or your banking information. Any confidential information left in your vehicle is subject to burglary if an opportune thief comes along. Personal information getting into the wrong hands can affect your life dramatically, and it is important to keep this information safe and secure. You do not want someone hacking into your bank account or even stealing your identity. Always keep personal information stored at home or in a safe place. Never keep confidential information in your glove compartment or center console to avoid the chance of it being stolen.