Explains How to Choose a Towing Company blog: Explains How to Choose a Towing Company

No one ever really wants to get a car towed, but it is often necessary. Because so many drivers eventually need to get their cars towed, there are tons of towing companies from which to choose. But, not every towing company offers the same services. It’s essential to pick a towing company that best fits the situation and the driver’s lifestyle. The writers at have a few suggestions to make before you pick a towing company.

Emergency towing company or roadside assistance?

It’s always best to be prepared for the worst, so how beneficial would it be to have a roadside assistance membership? There is a wide variety of roadside assistance companies that offer a variety of different services at little-to-no cost to the member. Instead of getting towed because of a flat tire, what about getting the tire repaired right away, no matter where you are? Or, getting a free battery jumpstart anywhere you go? Most roadside assistance companies offer these services, in addition to towing.

However, not all drivers may want a roadside assistance membership. In fact, some car insurance providers will foot part of the bill when hiring an emergency towing company. Picking an emergency towing company over a roadside assistance membership means that the driver won’t have to pay premiums even if no services were received. The team at urges drivers to pick the option that is most cost effective to them.

What type of tow truck do you need?

Not all tow trucks are made for the same jobs, as noted by the experts at Tow trucks can be made to carry light, medium or heavy weights. In addition to that, tow trucks can either be equipped for dolly- or flatbed-style towing.

Dolly-style towing is the cheaper option, although towing cars incorrectly this way may cause expensive damages. When towing a car with a dolly tow truck, the car will be lifted and carried on two wheels, while the other two tires drag on the road. Blown or flat tires may not be able to be towed this way. On the other hand, flatbed towing lifts the car on an incline and locks the wheels on the bed of the truck. This method provides a much more secure ride for the car, but is typically more expensive than dolly towing.

Ask Around About Good Towing Companies

When someone needs a car towed, the situation is often desperate, because the person is stranded. There are some tow companies that take advantage of vulnerable car owners because of their situations and because towing services are always needed. Others claim to offer reasonable prices, but pad the bill with hidden fees. Even towing companies that don’t mean to be malicious sometimes don’t offer the best work. Some towing companies hire people who have not been properly trained to tow, and sometimes damage cars in the towing process.

For all of these reasons, the team at would strongly advise all car owners to ask family, friends, coworkers and any other trusted person about reputable towing companies. These people are likely to have some experience with towing, and can share their personal stories. This way, a car owner can learn about the more minute details about towing companies.